- Cd n 1 - The Museum
The guide is composed of six sections and it is possible to skip to the contents of the museum. The guide winds though the thermal building to get to the exposition of archaeological and ceramic goods, then moves on to the rooms of marble, wooden sculptures, and holy relics.

- Cd n 2 - The Majolica-tiled Cloister
The guide is composed of two parts:
- The Majolica-tiled Cloister
- The Frescos
The first part analyzes the iconographic system through a listing of the Majolica benches. The second one describes the frescoes on the wall around the cloister. The material is enriched by unpublished snapshots and by an interactive scenario .
- Cd n 3 - The complex
A complete preview of the complex. From the cloister to the museum, from the archaeological area to the thermal complex. The history and the artefacts are viewable in this multimedia support.